How do I get my financial data into Cash Flow Story, do you integrate with my accounting system? Cash Flow Story requires very few high-level numbers, so you simply input them from your accounts. You can also use the provided excel loading template if you prefer. There is no benefit to integration with accounting systems.

Will Cash Flow Story work for businesses in my country, what if our accounting standards are different? Cash Flow Story has users in over 90 countries around the world and uses generally accepted global standards.

Will Cash Flow Story work on companies in my industry? Cash Flow Story is effective for over 95% of business types. You can find out more by emailing

What is the difference between Cash Flow Story Advisor and Business versions? There is no real difference in terms of functionality, its simply whether the product is licensed to be used on companies in your group or your client’s companies.


I have just finished loading my data, what should I look at first? Your first step should be to review your Power of One and gain an understanding of the code of your business.

How often should I review my numbers in Cash Flow Story? You can review your numbers monthly, but we recommend quarterly reviews as having the most impact.


Do you offer training on Cash Flow Story and what is the cost? Yes we offer free training if you require it. Training is not usually needed as we have a Learning Centre packed full of videos, guides and white papers.

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