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You don't need to be a financial wizard to use Cash Flow Story! Engage, improve and help your clients to grow!

Cash Flow Story for Coaches

A business engages a coach to help them improve. Improving a business means helping them increase Profit, Cash and Valuation. You can't be a successful coach and ignore the financials no matter how limited your financial knowledge is. Cash Flow Story has been designed to take you and your clients on a journey of understanding the numbers, driving the business to financial excellence.

Simply the easiest and most practical tool for scaling a firm's cash flow - giving the leadership team real insight into the 7 critical levers for driving valuation. There is no other simpler tool to give real visibility into the financial workings of your firm.

Understanding the code

The Power of One

As a coach, you have expertise in strategy, process and people. But you cannot ignore the numbers because "Cash is King". The Power of One links strategy and process to financial performance by showing the impact of improvements in the 7 critical levers of a business has on Profit and Cash Flow.

The Power of One is the DNA of your business

Keep it simple

We remove accounting jargon and use terms that simply "make sense". Trust us, your clients will love you for it.

Measuring improvement

Cash Flow Story is designed to help drive continuous improvement and show the value of your advice.

Cash Flow Story has had a huge impact on my clients and coaching practice! It simplifies the financial conversation and helps leaders to see which levers to pull to greatly improve their cash position and profitability. It is an essential tool for any business coach!

Software that matches your coaching rhythms

This is what great coaches do

Enhance your quarterly meeting with a Power of One conversation. You will quickly review the performance, continuously drive improvement via the Power of One and project the next quarter.

Successful coaches understand the importance of cash. This enables them to create a full service coaching offering to increase stickiness with their clients.

Grow your coaching business

Can you show how your advice affects the financial performance of the business?

Using Cash Flow Story will enable you to differentiate yourself because of the importance that you are placing improving the Profit, Cash and Value of your clients. Cash Flow Story puts this front and centre in your conversations allowing you to tangibly demonstrate how your valuable coaching advice can be translated into real business value.

Your clients will love you and the value you are demonstrating

I love Cash Flow Story. You guys have designed the perfect coaching tool

Cash Flow Story is world class software that helps you improve Profit, Cash Flow & Value in your clients business

Engage your clients

Use Cash Flow Story as part of your coaching process show your client the "code of their business".

Drive improvement

If you can show your client how to improve their Profit & Cash Flow, you are demonstrating your value as a coach.

Generate income

Cash Flow Story will enable you to expand your service offering and grow your client base.

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