Cash Flow Story for Business Owners & Management Teams

Step 1 - Load your data

Using CFS Business is incredibly simple. Grab the last 2 years Accounts and simply input the key numbers into the Scorecard. As we only require up between 10 and 19 numbers, it takes less than 10 minutes to setup.

Loading is so simple, no interpretation is required. Everyone in your business will input the numbers the same way, ensuring consistent results no matter who inputs the data.

Alternatively, we also have a simple Excel loading template which can be used in conjunction with your accounting product.

Step 2 - Understand your story

Prior to your management team meetings, step through your financial story. Using our unique 4 Chapters concept, Cash Flow Story provides a structured approach for you to understand the financial story. Your review will identify problems, highlight key issues and opportunities.

Apply a template to show your management team only what they need to see.

Step 3 - Improve your business

Engage with your management team over their Power of One. Show them the impact that the 7 key drivers will have on the profit and cash flow. For example, show them the impact that price has to volume.

Share any other relevant insights you discovered during your walkthrough, agreeing on Power of One improvements and setting goals for the next meeting.

Imagine being able to show your management team the effect of their decisions on profit, cash flow and value before you implement them.

What's next...

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